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Why Clean Duct Exhaust Systems?

Depending on the material being exhausted, the system can be an absolute breeding ground for vermin and other nasties, such as unpleasant odors. The grilles and duct’s can become blocked, causing suspicious particles to drop on unsuspecting staff or customers.

Key Benefits of the Service

Regular cleaning of your Laundry Exhaust Duct system is good for your equipment and health. Our pricing is competitive and service is top of the line.

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  All equipment is covered/protected before clean.
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Top Reasons to Clean Duct Exhaust Systems?

Insurance and Hazards- Fires are common in Laundry and Kitchen ducts when your machines are not cleaned and well maintained. If your exhaust system extracts hazardous substances such as fluff the risk of fire is increased. Only you can estimate the cost to your company of a fire, to say nothing of the risk to customers or staff.

Efficiency- Blockages in these systems are common. Over a period of time the material being exhausted can build up in the duct. Even though the fan works harder, it is not as efficient and the blockage becomes worse. Unfortunately, in most cases the fan will break down causing major problems. A simple regular cleaning program will eliminate this problem. Not only will the system be cleaned but you will be kept informed of any problems that may be occurring in the system so that they can be addressed before any costly repairs or loss of time.

Filters: Are They Effective Impurities collect in the air system and are carried continuously through the building. Since most of these contaminations are microscopic, filters cannot be relied upon to remove them.

Immediate Environment- Attempts to thoroughly clean a room, even with powerful disinfectants and air sprays are quickly defeated as the recirculating air systems bring a new batch of contaminants through the air ducts into the room.

Dust Mites- This microscopic organism clings to dust particles, secreting a protein that is highly irritating to human skin and the lining of the lungs. The mite hides out in ductwork and office furnishings (drapes, carpets, etc.) and is carried throughout the building by the central air system. Thorough air duct cleaning will substantially reduce odours and irritants caused by dust mites.

Air Impurities- Even though most air impurities are microscopic, some signs of air contaminants can be easily detected. Look for darkened areas around air vents and ceiling registers where contaminants have collected. Is absenteeism due to respiratory tract irritation, allergies or other breathing difficulties affecting your staff? Does the air in your workplace smell fresh? Take a good sniff of drapes, carpets and other soft furnishings in your office. If you smell dust or mustiness, our air duct cleaning process will help.

Humidity and Odor- Humidity within the recirculating system turns air ducts into a source of musty odour.

Money Savings- You could save up to twenty percent on your annual energy consumption. These savings add up over time.

Fire Code- Grease removal in kitchen exhaust systems is a continually evolving subject. The key to proper and effective grease removal and the prevention of fires is a combination of properly designed, installed and maintained exhaust systems coupled with scheduled inspections and maintenance.