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Laundry Exhaust Systems

Efficiency– Clogging in Duct Exhaust System and Laundry machines create unhealthy, unsafe, and monetary negatives to you, family, customers, and can leave you liable for many Legal and Moral obligations. Machines not cleaned and maintained overwork and overheat. They have critical parts which can wear out and cause a great expense to you, an entire system is very costly.

Health- The health of your family, customers, and self gets aggravated when around dirty ducts because allergies are particularly vulnerable to germs and pollutants. These cause respiratory problems because of the lint, dust and bacteria, all of which require regular cleaning to eliminate.”Asthma causes 10.5 million missed school days each year.”- Environmental Protection Agency&

Did You Know?

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission states that in 1998, clothes dryer vent fires cause a yearly estimated 15,600 fires, 20 deaths, 370 injuries and $100,000,000 in financial loss. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has research has indicated that if a dryer exhaust duct is 75 percent blocked it elevates the exhaust air temperature of the average electric dryer 89 percent more than its normal operating temperature.

Why Clean Laundry Exhaust Duct Systems?

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, they can be a nightmare. Laundries are known as the most dangerous when it comes to fires because of the materials being picked up. When this dirt, lint and dust accumulates in the ducts, that can become a serious health, fire and monetary hazard. Your family, employees, or customers whether they suffer from nasal problems, headaches, sinus issues, allergies or asthma, have worsened conditions when there is excessive bacteria hair, pollen, dust mites and mold in the duct exhaust system or indoor condensation. Performing routine duct cleaning can help eliminate these problems and reduce the risk of someone getting sick due to pollutants in the air or machines that are not operating correctly.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of ducts can improve your health and that of your family or employees who may be allergic or sensitive to odors and substances produced by poorly maintained, dirty, or clogged ducts. Those who are pregnant are also likely to benefit greatly from a cleaner and more pleasant environment. For Homes it is recommended you have us clean out lint and debris build-up at least once a year and for duct exhaust systems in the Apartments, Schools, Prisons, and Laundromats, every 3-6 months. Unpleasant odors and smells permeating through a home or business will make people want to leave the area as quickly as possible, making it harder for family, employees or clients to stay in that area. Resulting in unhappiness in the home or loss of productivity and sales. Common reasons for unpleasant odors in a business, workplace, school or home are ducting and ventilation systems full of dust and odor-causing particles and ductwork in need of a thorough cleaning. Regular duct cleaning by Allen's Duct Cleaning will eliminate those odors and smells from the affected areas.

Regular air duct of machines are an integral part of any business or home owners annual maintenance checklist. If you fail to get them cleaned, critical components of your system may malfunction, requiring expensive repairs, and costly delays for your business. Blockages in these duct systems are common, for over a period of time, the material being exhausted can accumulate in the duct. The efficiency of the machines will wane, while energy costs go up plus costly repairs to come if the fan or machines break down. Dryers are expensive machines to run and are serious safety concerns. When they are clogged they have to work harder thus leading a longer period to dry clothes, higher energy costs and overheating. You are the only person who can calculate the cost of a fire, unpleasant odors or replacement machines to your business or home. Call Allen’s Duct Cleaning to maintain a safe and clean environment. We will quickly and efficiently clean your Laundry Duct System and protect you from the negatives that are inevitable with a dirty duct. We specialize in cleaning and maintaining all types of laundromat ventilation and ducting systems.

In recent years NY has seen an increase in fires caused by dirt, lint, dust. The U.S. Consumer products Safety Commission states that in 1998, clothes dryer vent fires cause a yearly estimated 15,600 fires, 20 deaths, 370 injuries and $100,000,000 in financial loss. Any person that owns a laundry faces an increased fire risk. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has research has indicated that if a dryer exhaust duct is 75% blocked it elevates the exhaust air temperature of the average electric dryer 89% more than its normal operating temperature than with an unblocked duct. As a business person or homeowner you face not only a moral obligation to keep the ducts clean through effective cleaning and regular duct maintenance, you also have a legal responsibility too. To meet your moral/legal requirements and comply with the Fire Code of the FDNY, be sure to contact a Fully Insured and Fire Department certified cleaning company who provide high quality cleaning services for your business or home. Allen’s Duct Exhaust System are professional, reliable laundromat ductwork cleaners who service all 5 boroughs of New York.

While most people know that laundry fires can start in the machine, they do not always realize that they can also start in the ducts. When machines are not cleaned and maintained, there are buildups of lint and dust that are not always caught by the lint trap and enter the dryer vent. When machines get too hot the debris can cause a clog and fires start. Regular duct maintenance by a Fully Insured, C of F holding Professional cleaning service is necessary to prevent the lint, dust and grime from building up and starting a fire. A fire in a duct can quickly spread throughout other areas of a building, creating a dangerous situation. There is a risk of injury or death from such fire. Hiring us you will benefit from having your laundry ducting and ventilation systems checked by reliable professionals. Maintenance is especially important in minimizing the amount of lint and dust buildup in ducts, which can cause odors and fire. This is particularly critical for homes with heavy laundry machine usage, schools, apartment buildings, prisons, and Laundromats because the machines are used extensively and there are likely to be many people there who would be in danger if an accumulation of lint and dust caused a fire. Ongoing maintenance of duct systems is crucial in order to minimize the inevitable negative effects that can result from a accumulation leading to clogging and fires in the duct exhaust system. We can ensure your ducting system is well-maintained and working effectively. Maintaining clean ducts is essential for any business in order to minimize fire hazards, and building odors.

So whether you are a homeowner or business owner with one machine or a hundred, Allen’s Duct Cleaning can take care of the cleaning needs of commercial ducting, residential and air conditioning ventilation systems right across New York and all Boroughs. We are fully trained, have competitive pricing, quick and efficient, insured, and provide a professional service to ensure your ductwork is clean, in good working order, and well maintained. Thus helping reduce the risk of fire, odors, and the aggravation of allergies.


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