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Allen's Duct System Inc. was established in 1998, and incorporated in 2004. We are a family owned and operated, Fully Insured, Fire Dept. certified company #065. We have been servicing Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester County with high quality, professional Duct Exhaust Cleaning at competitive rates for over 22 years. Our experienced duct cleaners cover all your equipment before cleaning, and whether it be in a restaurant, laundromat, building, or house, the job will be done.

Allen's Duct Cleaning is made up of a group of highly skilled Duct Cleaning professionals who pay a lot of attention to small details. In the 30+ years of experience our staff keep your laundry or kitchen equipment looking and functioning beautifully.

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Started the Company
Over 2 decades ago Allen’s Duct System started as a husband and wife company. Before that Mr. Allen worked in the NY Duct Cleaning business for many years, becoming manager at one of the largest companies in NY. Mrs. Allen has many years of business management, and combined, they formed Allen’s Duct System. They are now one of the top small duct cleaning companies.


Due to the ability to provide a personalized, professional, time flexible service to Restaurants and Laundromats throughout the boroughs of NY, Allen’s Duct Systems grew quickly and are happy to continue servicing New York.

We then became incorporated in 2004, and have cleaned thousands of Restaurant/Laundromat Ducts since.

Our Specialty
We have cleaned the Duct Systems in large/small buildings, and specialize in Restaurant Duct Cleaning, they make up a majority of our clients. All equipment is covered beforehand with a thick clear plastic, and Duct’s are pressure washed, cleaned by hand, then when done, the client is provided with a Fire Department sticker.

Allen’s Duct System Inc.

A. Allen


With over 40 years actively in the Duct Cleaning business, Mr. Allen is a master of his craft. His greatest strength is his belief in customer satisfaction, by doing the best job possible at each location. Mr. Allen is widely known, and respected as a professional by NY Restaurant/Laundromat owners.

S. Allen


Mrs. Allen is the brain of the business, you can find her on the job at restaurants/laundromats, doing paperwork for the business, talking to the fire department, scheduling appointments, whilst also being a Licensed NY Real Estate Broker selling houses and renting apartments.



Trained directly by Mr. Allen, Davin has been cleaning Duct Systems since he was a teenager. He has shown himself to be one of the best cleaners the company has ever had. He, like Mr. Allen, takes pride in his work, and seeks to an exceptional job.



Web builder, marketer, advertising manager. You can find me on Facebook/Twitter making contact with new companies, and promoting Allen's Duct System.

Job Opening

Duct Cleaner

If you are a licensed duct cleaner, or willing to take the test, please call Mrs. Allen at 917-930-5887.

We are hiring Duct Exhaust Cleaners

Are you a licensed duct cleaner, who is looking to show your cleaning skills to us and be fairly rewarded? Are you willing to take the test and get licensed?


At Allen's Duct System Inc. we offer:

 Full Time, Year Round employment
 Shared Benefit Package
 Excellent Work Environment
 Variety of Services


+ Restaurants Cleaned
+ Laundromats Cleaned
% Satisfied Clients in NY
+ Duct Cleaners in Company

Family Owned, Professional, Licensed, Competitive Pricing

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality Duct Cleaning service throughout NY from Westchester County, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, to Brooklyn.